AVIATIONEU e-Learning Platform

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AVIATIONEU e-Learning Platform, also known as Information & Training Support System (ITSS), supports both our LAPL(A)/ PPL(A) theoretical knowledge and foundation courses. ITSS is based on eFront Web LMS, offered as an open source software but also in different educational and business editions allowing for additional professional security, scalability and support.

Building on the functionality of eFront AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services has developed ITSS which currently integrates applications as well as rich content in Greek and English languages in support of the company services. User authentication is achieved by the use of a Username and Password provided by ITSS Administrator.

AVIATIONEU e-Learning Platform

ITSS Key Features:
• Notes on Theoretical Knowledge subjects of selected courses,
• References (available for download) in each theoretical knowledge subject for further reading,
• Questions and answers with explanations/ brief theory notes available as PDF files for download,
• On line multiple choice questions used for self-assessment tests allowing the students to monitor their performance. Also used for internal examinations for each theoretical knowledge subject
• Combined use of digital training content of the e-Learning platform with Flight Simulation and Planning software applications including supporting documentation (flight forms, airport/area charts and maps, etc.). Such use enables the LAPL(A)/PPL(A) students to acquire knowledge on a specific theoretical subject through the  e-Learning platform but also a demonstration and practice of this knowledge in their preparation for flight training.
• Notes on flying lessons and related air exercises required as part of their LAPL(A)/PPL(A) Flight Training, integrating theory requirements with content to be studied by students prior to each lesson,
• Support of communication between students and AVIATIONEU instructors for further information & clarifications,
• Aviation Glossary,
• Student Records with up to date information on their theoretical knowledge training progress.
• User Groups with access rights to specific information,
• Noticeboard for latest news or content/software additions in ITSS.

Combined use of e-learning and simulator

Use of ITSS allows students to adapt their theoretical knowledge studies at their own pace providing them with a rich digital content including theory notes for topics in the syllabus of respective courses, reference materials for further reading as well as self-assessment tests with multiple choice questions similar to those expected in the respective HCAA examinations (in the case of LAPL(A)/ PPL(A) theoretical knowledge training). ITSS content is currently available in English and partly in Greek languages  while various reference documents (mostly in English) can also be used by students during their study. Student performance is closely monitored by AVIATIONEU instructors through continuous communication and feedback reports on progress tests and internal examinations included in the ITSS. Before the completion of their theoretical knowledge courses, students attend workshops in which classroom instruction is used to provide them with necessary clarifications and guidance for the completion of their studies.

In addition, throughout the duration of their e-learning the students maintain communication with other students and AVIATIONEU instructors through different channels such as ITSS messages, discussion groups, e-mail messages etc. Notifications on additional administrative information or new content uploaded at the ITSS are published as posts to ITSS Noticeboard by ITSS Administrator and instructors.
Teaching Materials
Digital training content is available through the ITSS to students and instructors in English and partly in Greek languages including:

- Training Plan, similar to a "roadmap" with information on the lessons included in the selected course, the recommended sequence of completion, the progress tests to be taken, etc. In the case of LAPL(A)/PPL(A) training, the training plan also includes the specific theory subjects which students are recommended to complete before commencement of their training flights as well as before their first solo, dual and solo navigation.
- Brief theory notes highlighting key principles of individual topics forming part of theoretical knowledge subjects,
- Documentation, such as publications, dictionaries, presentations, videos etc., developed by third parties available without copyright restrictions. In any case, the title of the content owner will be explicitly stated together with conditions of use (if any).
- Examination papers, with multiple choice questions in the respective theory subjects,
- Examination preparation tests in printable files (for downloading), compiled by AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services or third parties with multiple choice questions, answers and short theory notes documenting their validity. 
- On line self-assessment tests and internal examination tests allowing both instructors and students to monitor study progress and assess performance through ITSS feedback reports.
- Notes in support of students’ training. Such content provides an integration of theoretical knowledge subjects and guidance for implementation.
- Notes and guidelines for AVIATIONEU instructors aiming to standardize instruction and assist them in their tasks.
- Software applications developed to assist students with their practise and better understanding of theoretical knowledge subjects. An indicative application is our VFR Flight Planner a MS Excel based application based on training methodologies and best practices for flight planning, organization and implementation.
 In addition to the above training materials, lists of recommended text books, CD ROM or other training content developed by different publishers are provided to be purchased and used at the discretion of the student.

All students should be familiar with differences and scope of the following assessment mechanisms included in the (Information & Training Support System (ITSS). 

a) Progress Assessment Test (PAT),
b) Internal Course Examination (ICE)
They differ in their scope as explained below but also have some common characteristics:
a) They are both ON LINE 

In addition there are two different mechanisms which could be used for student's better preparation for their tests/examinations. The first is the Sample Examination Questions & Answers in the form of electronic (PDF) files from various sources. The second is Course Tests with a significant number of multiple choice questions covering the majority of subjects in the respective course. 

A brief Guide has been prepared to clarify preparation tools and assessment mechanisms to help students make best use of available tools and achieve high scores in their assessments.