Admissions - Foundation Courses

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This article describes briefly the required documentation and the procedure for the admission of applicants in the foundation training courses of AVIATIONEU Training Systems and Services. These courses are implemented through a combination of student self study with the use of our e-Learning platform and a workshop in Greece preparing students for their final examinations of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) in the respective course subjects. When required, reference to additional requirements is made for overseas (non EU) applicants requiring student visa for their stay in Greece during their training.

Step 1 Submission of Application &  Supporting Documents

Students shall have to fill, sign and submit the Enrolment and Solemn Declaration Forms which can be downloaded from this web site. Together with the filled and signed forms students are also required to submit the following documents:

- Two recent colour photos

- Documentation on their academic qualifications (transcripts). If English language, Mathematics and Physics are not included as part of their academic studies, students should provide evidence of their respective competency. Students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge in the above subjects at secondary education level or higher and their knowledge of English language at a level of Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) or higher.

- Pages of valid passports with applicant's photo, personal details and information on the issuing authority  (these are usually two consecutive pages in the passport),

- CV with personal details and information on the educational background and working experience of the applicant,

- Certificates and Academic Transcripts indicating his/her level of education and examination performance,

- (If currently employed) a Letter of Recommendation of the employer with reference to the applicant's capabilities, performance and reasons for course attendance,

- Other documents attesting student's non criminal activities (in some countries such information is included in Character Certificate).

All the above documents should be sent initially as scanned PDF documents and printed copies by post. The electronic submission of the application and supporting documents should be made at our AVIATIONEU GROUP central email account: Printed copies should be sent to the following postal address:

AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services

12 Ventouri Street, 15561 Holargos, Athens, Greece

Attn: Mr. Costas Hadjiefthymiades - Head of Foundation Courses

For telephone inquiries and clarifications please use the following communication details:

Tel: +30 210 6525100, Fax: +30 210 6525125, Skype Account: costas.hadjiefthymiades 

Step2: AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services examines application and supporting documentation and if required notifies the applicant for an interview conducted by skype as part of “pre-qualification” process to determine applicant's suitability. 

Step 3: AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services notifies the applicant of his/her evaluation results and selection for further processing of his/her application. Such information is also communicated to the academic counsellor in the case of an applicant introduced by a counsellor.

For non selected applicants this is the end of the process.


Step 4: AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services issues and sends to the applicant:

a)a Letter of Offer Acceptance (LOA) to be signed by the successful applicant and returned to us. For groups of applicants introduced by co-operating academic counsellors a single Training & Accommodation Agreement replacing individual LOAs is normally issued. In this case, this Agreement is signed by all applicants with the counsellor as a witness. In both cases information on offered training services, accommodation arrangements, the respective costs, payment scheme as well as terms and conditions regarding offered services shall be explicitly stated.

b)Pro Forma Invoice in favour of each applicant for the total participation cost including training, accommodation and other costs as relevant to the selected course(s). 

Step 5: The applicant transfers to the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services designated bank account one third (1/3) of the amount specified in the Pro Forma Invoice. This is the minimum amount required by Greek State Authorities before a student visa to Greece (Type D) is issued (Greek Common Ministerial Decision (Κ.Υ.Α 11762/17.06.084). This amount includes application processing fee of 250 EUR. Payment of this amount is acknowledged by the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services in the form of a Payment Receipt Letter and accompanying bank statement as proof of evidence required by the Greek visa issuing authority before the issue of the student visa.

Step 6: After the receipt of the above payment, the following documents are issued in favour of each applicant and sent to him/her:

a) No Objection/Acceptance Letter stating the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services approval for study of the applicant in the course(s) selected,

b) Accommodation Letter stating arrangement of accommodation for the applicant throughout the period of his/her study 

c) Letter of Payment Receipt stating the receipt of 1/3 of total training and accommodation fees with attached bank statement certifying that this payment is credited to the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services account. 

Step 7: When the student (Type D) visa is issued and passport is returned to the applicant by the visa issuing authority the applicant is expected:

a)  to make travel arrangements to Greece before the scheduled starting date of his/her study, and  

b) to pay by bank transfer the remaining 2/3 of their total training and accommodation fees as specified in the Pro Forma Invoice before the commencement of his/her  courses.

Refund Policies

The following terms and conditions apply regarding refunds to applicants for our foundation courses. These should be carefully examined by applicants and their counsellors before filing any applications for these courses.

- The amount of two hundred and fifty euro (250,00 EUR) for application processing and issue of visa supporting documentation is NON REFUNDABLE,

- Any payments effected by the applicant prior to the issue of the student (Type D) visa shall be fully refunded ONLY in case of visa rejection by the visa issuing authority for any reason related directly to the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services . Other reasons such as lack of proof of financial resources, criminal activity, any previous overstaying in EU countries or inability of the visa applicant to supply the authority with any documents other than those directly issued by the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services for visa issue shall not form a basis for a full or partial refund. 

- Any payments effected by the applicant towards his/her participation fees in our foundation courses and respective taxes (when applicable) shall be retained in full by the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services if for any reason: 

a) the participant obtains his/her visa but fails to travel to Greece before the specified starting date of the first from his/her selected courses, OR

b) the participant does not regularly attend his/her study schedule apart from temporary medical reasons, OR

c) the participant is unable to continue or selects to terminate his/her study for any reason after the commencement of selected courses.

In all the above cases the participant shall be deregistered and competent Greek State Authorities shall be notified of the deregistration as required. Payments effected by the participant towards accommodation and other costs till the date of termination or notification of his/her inability to continue shall be computed by the AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services and any balance may be refunded subject to respective arrangements with third parties providing accommodation.