Admissions - LAPL(A)/PPL(A) Courses

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This article describes briefly the required documentation and the procedure for the admission of applicants in the LAPL(A)/PPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge training courses of AVIATIONEU Training Systems and Services. These courses are implemented through a combination of student self study with the use of our e-Learning platform and a workshop in Greece preparing students for their paricipation in the examinations of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) in the respective course subjects. When required, reference to additional requirements is made for overseas (non EU) applicants requiring student visa for their stay in Greece during their training.

Step 1 Submission of Application &  Supporting Documents

Students shall have to fill, sign and submit the Enrolment and Solemn Declaration Forms which can be downloaded from this web site. Together with the filled and signed forms students are also required to submit the following documents:

- Two recent colour photos

- Documentation on their academic qualifications (transcripts). If English language, Mathematics and Physics are not included as part of their academic studies, students should provide evidence of their respective competency. Students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge in the above subjects at secondary education level or higher and their knowledge of English language at a level of Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) or higher.

- Copy of Passport page with student and issuing authority details (these are usually two consecutive pages in the passport)

- Other documents attesting student's non criminal activities (in some countries such information is included in Character Certificate).

All the above documents should be sent initially as scanned PDF documents and printed copies by post. The electronic submission of the application and supporting documents should be made at our AVIATIONEU GROUP central email account: Printed copies should be sent to the following postal address:

AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services

12 Ventouri Street, 15561 Holargos, Athens, Greece

Attn: Mr. Costas Hadjiefthymiades - Head of LAPL(A) / PPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Training

For telephone inquiries and clarifications please use the following communication details:

Tel: +30 210 6525100, Fax: +30 210 6525125, Skype Account: costas.hadjiefthymiades 

Step 2 Payment of Application Processing Fee

After the submission of documents in Step 1, a deposit or bank transfer of 250 EUR is required to the designated bank account of AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services before student registration application can be processed. In the case of overseas students, such fee also covers the issue of supporting documents for student visa application at a later stage. This payment is NON REFUNDABLE. Student name & Surname must be ALWAYS noted at the deposit or bank transfer application. In the case of applicants through one of our Marketing Agents or Representatives in different countries, processing of student applications may take place at our discretion and such payment may be postponed till Step 4 below.

Step 3 Issue of Acceptance Letter & Pro Forma Invoice

AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services examines submitted application and supporting documents and informs the student accordingly. In the case of acceptance, a Letter of Offer Acceptance (LOA) and a Pro Forma Invoice are issued in electronic form (PDF file) and sent to the student. The student is expected to fill and sign the LOA and return it to us in electronic form (scanned PDF file) and the original by post. The Pro Forma Invoice is issued for the selected training courses in the application. In the case of overseas (non EU) applicants requiring visa, the Pro Forma Invoice shall cover the total of the training fees for the LAPL(A)/PPL(A) Theoretical Training courses and the cost for at least two months'  accommodation in Greece for completion of their training and siting HCAA theory examinations if they cannot secure themselves accommodation in Greece through other means.Proof of accommodation is required by Greek visa issuing authorities throughout the period of student stay in Greece.

Step 4  Payment of Training Fees

A deposit or bank transfer to the designated AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services bank account  of the amount specified in the Pro Forma Invoice is required before the finalisation of student enrollment. Such payment is normally expected to take place within 10 days from the date of signing of LOA by the student.

Step 5  Completion of Admission

As soon as the payment amount is credited in AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services bank account a payment receipt is issued together with user codes for student's access to the e-Learning platform enabling him/her to begin studying the selected theory subjects included in the EASA theoretical knowledge syllabus for LAPL(A)/PPL(A).

Step 6 Issue of Visa Support Documents (for Overseas Students)

Such documents are ONLY issued for students who have shown a satisfactory performance during their self study as reflected by their score (80% or higher) in their Progress Assessment Tests. The latter are on line multiple choice question tests in all theory subjects and are released to students as soon as they complete their study of training materials in the respective subjects. 

Visa supporting documents are issued by AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services in favour of the student and include a No Objection Letter, an Invitation/Accommodation Letter, a Pro Forma Invoice and a Payment Receipt Letter (the last two are issued at a previous stage of the admission process).

Refund Policies

Payments of training fees already made by students are NON REFUNDABLE when enrolled students begin their theory studies and at some point in time they decide to abandon the course for any reason.

Payments effected by students for accommodation expenses before the issue of their visa are ONLY REFUNDED in case of rejection of their visa application by the Visa Issuing Authority. In this case, students are required to submit to AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services the official report issued by the Authority for the rejection of their application. If such rejection is based on insufficient documents submitted by the student (other than those issued by AVIATIONEU Training Systems & Services) or any other matter not directly related to our services (such as student lack of financial resources, criminal record, previous visa related offenses in other countries, etc.) NO REFUND of such payments will take place.