Process Modelling & Management in Aviation Industry (APMM)

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Process Modelling and Management

Course Subject: Process Modelling & Management in Aviation Industry 
Course Code: APMM
Course Aim: To provide methodologies and tools to business analysts who are currently involved or wish to be involved in process modelling in a range of Aviation bodies from regulatory authorities, to airlines, airport operators, flight academies, etc.
Participant Academic Background: Participants in this course are expected to have a good knowledge and skills in Information Technologies as well as previous working experience in business analysis, Linux operating systems, PHP, MySQL and Java programming. Good knowledge of English Language is required (at least at level of Cambridge First Certificate in English or higher).
Participant Working Experience: Existing employees in an aviation organisation shall be better benefited from attendance in this course.
Approximate Number of Classroom Instruction Hours: 140
Approximate Number of Self - Study Hours: 200
Progress Monitoring: Through Tests and/or Assignments available at the e-Learning platform in English
Final Examination: Course Completion Examination available at the e-Learning platform in English
Course Duration: Approximately 30 days
Instruction Language: English

Brief Course Syllabus: This course provides a step by step guidance to business analysts and IT consultants for their familiarization with Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) and their effective use to develop IT applications for a variety of applications in the Aviation industry (quality systems, aircraft maintenance, crew management, airport operations, etc.). During this course, participants:
- will be presented with theoretical principles of process modelling and management,
- will be trained to the use of an open source software platform covering process modelling, execution and simulation as well as reporting of results,
- will be assigned the design, modelling and implementation of sample processes based on specific case studies describing user requirements,
- their performance will be assessed, any deficiencies will be highlighted and guidance will be provided for corrective actions.

Course participation fee includes:
- Trainer fees
- Training Materials (available at the e-Learning platform in English)
- Progress Tests & Assignments
- Internal Examination (Initial and up to 2 retakes)
- Issue of Certificate of Course Completion (in case of succesful completion of the course)

Training Location: Greece. In case of a different location additional course organisation fees apply, depending on number of participants and country of course implementation, to cover space and equipment rental, transportation, accommodation and living expenses of the lecturer and any taxes as per national regulations.

Additional Information: Nowadays, the majority of aviation activities are based on processes involving data collection and handling, data validation, in company communication, decision making based on available information and data, etc. Modern open source Internet based ICT tools can be used for modelling and running processes to support management and operational needs in almost all fields of aviation activities from policy making, to air transport, training, airport management and aircraft maintenance. This course can be useful for business analysts and IT consultants for their familiarization with Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) and their effective use to develop IT applications for a variety of applications in the Aviation industry (quality systems, aircraft maintenance, crew management, airport operations, etc.). Successful completion of this course may significantly enhance participant’s employment prospects and/or career advancement as he/she will be able to demonstrate to his/her current or prospective employer familiarization with principles, methodologies and valuable information related to the specific subject.